Valuable Insights To Gain Before Getting Your Mobile App Developed

It is imperative that businesses must know the nitty gritties of mobile app development. This is essential if they are looking at digitising their businesses. Knowing all the aspect of mobile app development will help them understand how they want their website/app to be developed. Thsi will help tremendously while building the app as per

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Package Delivery Business

Strategies For Package Delivery Business To Succeed

A package delivery business provides quick, reliable, generally same-day delivery, depending on the location. In the US there are national delivery services (the likes of UPS, FedEx and USPS). But people also need packages delivered to nearby locations quickly than the longer delivery schedules taken by these services.  A service could be operating in a

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Ola Business Model: How Ola Succeeded At The Speed Of Light

Ola Business Model: How Ola Succeeded At The Speed Of Light

Not every startup idea is bound for success, and pitching to a room full of investors is no small and easy feat. Then how did a small website venture that once offered weekend trip packages ( emerge as an electric vehicle company? How did a company convince investors to invest a total of $4.3 billion over 26

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Brand Marketing Channel

How A Mobile App Serves As A Brand Marketing Channel

A branded app is a wonderful approach to facilitate brand promotions in a cogent manner. A mobile app as a brand marketing channel gets you higher conversion rates and keeps users engaged. Advertising was considered a prominent marketing channel to promote brands until the recent past. Rapid transformation in the digital landscape has made it

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How To Start A Digital Freight Forwarding Business?

How To Start A Digital Freight Forwarding Business?

Freight brokers’ freight fever has forced them to face digital transformation & there’s no way back. (Class A) That said, the U-turn is blocked. Sooner or later, every freight forwarder/broker or freight forwarding company will go digital. Those who fail to adapt to this transformation will sadly face failure and stay in the past. (Class B) Dealing

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Super apps in Latin America

Super Apps in Latin America: Taking on The Competition

Messaging, delivery, shopping, and financial services – this was the route adopted by WeChat in China to galvanize into a super-app. WeChat began functioning as a messaging app and began selling games. Deliberately they continued adding services until they broke into the retail sector. This transformed the platform into a marketplace for messaging and financial services. It

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Create A Social Blogging WordPress Website With Reign Theme

These days, becoming a blogger may be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. The blogging world is full of writers who use it to air their views, create a brand, and make a living via their work. Reign Theme Presented by Wbcom Designs can take blogging to the next level

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Trukker, Trukkin....& Now It's Your Turn, Says Technology

Trukker, Trukkin….& Now It’s Your Turn, Says Technology

Have you ever been high on the freight fever? Trukker & Trukkin‘s freight fever has led them to the doors of fortune. A new wave was created in the freight industry that only a few rode, but those who did – succeeded. Whether you are a truck business owner desperate to introduce your transportation business to technology or a tech-lover trying

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Yummy Rocket Super App

Yummy Continues To Spread Flavor With $18M Series A

Yummy, a Venezuela-based delivery app is zipping to be the first super app for the country. It raised $4 million in funding with a view to expand its dark store delivery operations across Latin America. In 2020 Vicente Zavarce founded Yummy that has accumulated over 200,000 registered users. Zavarce began his career doing marketing roles

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app like airbnb

How to Make An App Like Airbnb & Rule The Rental World

The on-demand economy has changed the face of travel and hospitality since the past decade. This is the reason Apps like Airbnb get a billion-dollar valuation. What’s more? Being just a decade old company, Airbnb already has over 150 million active users worldwide. It hosts from over 81,000 cities and 191 countries. Projections claim its

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