Live Ecommerce shopping experience

Live Ecommerce: Just What The Viewer Ordered

The business model in which influencers, retailers, or celebrities sell products and services using online video streaming is live ecommerce. Here the presenter displays, demonstrates and discusses what’s on offer and clears queries in real-time too. This can be incorporated in ecommerce websites and social media apps. A livestream session could occur on an ecommerce

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Everything To Know About Building A Marijuana Delivery App

We are living in a fast-changing world where things that were condemned yesterday have become tomorrow’s trends. This trend applies to the usage of marijuana, legalized in 33 U.S. states and forward-thinking countries such as Canada, Germany, and Israel. Medical marijuana is growing big, aside from the recreational usage of cannabis. But despite increased demand

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Adult content industry

The Adult Content Industry Loves Cryptocurrency

Gutenberg to Google has driven the art of pornography for the masses. Couple of years before the pandemic struck around 45 sex outlets, 570 adult video content websites, and 60 webcam platforms around the globe accepted crypto as a form of payment. Considering the overall size of this expansive adult industry, the numbers are paltry.

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E (livestream eCommerce) = mc² (mobile*commerce*community)

While the technology itself isn’t from Mars, livestream eCommerce’s power of transforming traditional transactional eCommerce environments into a combination of commerce, content, and community (C3) is urging eCommerce startups to make moonshot bets.  With social engagement and storytelling sitting at the core of customer experience, it seems as if livestream eCommerce will soon be the only arm of eCommerce shaping users’ shopping behavior.  E (livestream

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programming languages to learn

How To Choose Which Programming Languages To Learn For Mobile App Development

In software development, if we need to choose a language for a project, we need to ask a few questions to ourselves before we make any decision.   For example what kind of project is it? scalability of the application, the complexity of the application, development budget, development time limit, application security, available resources, etc. The project team always wants the application to

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start a cannabis delivery business

Ganjapreneur – Become One By Starting A Cannabis Delivery Business

There’s no denying that the cannabis industry can be a lucrative career choice. But starting a business — any business — requires a decent amount of work, both to prepare and legally create and operate it. An Ganjapreneur is an entrepreneur in the business of selling marijuana in regions where it has been legalized. Ganjapreneurs

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Livestream Ecommerce: An Eruption Beyond Every Prediction

Livestream Ecommerce: An Eruption Beyond Every Prediction

Do you recall teleshopping? It is back in our lives, but this time, in the form of Livestream eCommerce. A saving grace for eCommerce startups? An outlet for online shopping lovers? What is livestream eCommerce? Livestream is an integrated eCommerce module, designed to replace the 1-800 number. It is as if teleshopping has been tempered

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cajoo grocery app

Cajoo Grocery – Making Waves In The Delivery Market

Cajoo grocery is a startup company that provides grocery home delivery services in France. Cajoo is part of a group of startups that try to create a whole new category of grocery deliveries. The company operates dark stores and manages its own inventory of products. Customers can then order items without having to think whether

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