Best alternative to UBER for Hotels! Karry for Hotels

Best alternative to UBER for Hotels! Karry for Hotels
In the tourism sector, Hospitality and transportation are interlinked with each other. When someone visits a new place along with a comfortable stay they also want a cheap and reliable transportation service.

Many hoteliers are aware of this situation and want to improve the overall guest satisfaction they use a personal vehicle or sometimes rent shuttle services.

But this process is not efficient and most of the times hoteliers have to spend a lot to maintain this service.

What if I tell you there was a way where one can offer UBER like on-demand vehicle services to hotels.  Just imagine how much time and money hotels would you save as a result.

We are aware of this problem and to cater to the need for hoteliers we developed Karry for hotels

Karry’s Solution for the hotel’s transportation services

For the hotel industry, we developed two types of solution first one is Travel Desk and the second one is Kiosk

Let’s understand the Travel desk solution

The travel desk solution will be used by employees of the hotel. They have access to the credit line of the partner (cab aggrigator) in case that is enabled by the app team, this is the travel desk solution.

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In this model, hoteliers have to keep a tablet at the travel desk. So what happens in hotels, when someone travels, they don’t always have an app as they are new to the city or the country.

Generally, most of the people are not from the same city, right? So they may or may not be tech-savvy.

  So in this model a guy sitting on reception, guides customers getting around the city.

  Assume you run a hotel, and your staff have the access to the app with travel list

In the app there is a credit line provided by cab aggrigator along with specialized rate for customers.

So in karry we have the same feature where one can tie up with cab aggregators. Where hotel can offer special rate to its customers.

So whenever a hotel employee do a booking, he can bill it to the company account and ask customer to pay him or to the cab driver.

So there are two types of payment options, either customer will pay it to the hotel or to the driver.

There is also option to incentivize the travel desk employee to encourage more bookings.

 So after the sucessful booking a message from the travel desk app is sent to the customer with tracking link of cab.

 Basically, when he opens the link on his phone, he knows exactly where the driver is. And he can live tracking just like he live tracks on other apps.

Let’s understand the Kiosk

In this option cab aggrigators can put a tablet in a hotel. It’s a self-service kiosk here customers will fill up his own details.

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In the kiosk, there’s only one way of payment where the customer pays the driver directly.

Because it’s a kiosk, right? Anyone can come to hotel and just book. Right, because pickup point is always the hotel

  Suppose a cab aggrigator is wants to put his kiosk in the hotel and offers a special rate for them. Sometimes cab aggrigator might pay hotel to keep the kiosk in the hotel.

When customers come into bookings, the same exact process,  they book and confirm. and a tracking link is sent to that mobile number.

The number have a tracking link, they click on the tracking link to connect with  area drivers from there private phone. So this is the kiosk version of the hospitality partner.

So, the revolution in the IT industry had solved the challenges in many sectors, so why not the hotel industry. Now the biggest challenge in the hospitality sector can be easily tackeled with Karry for hotels.

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