How are security features implemented in Uber and other Uber clone apps.

Passenger  Security Before the trip 1) Taxi at your door: The Uber app and similar Uber clones, automatically finds a passengers location to provide door-to-door taxi service. So, passengers can stay safe and comfortable until the taxi driver arrives. 2) Blind booking: All passenger requests are blindly matched with the closest available taxi driver. So there is […]

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cannabis industry

6 Latest Trends In The Cannabis Industry ‘March 2018

As legalization of cannabis industry is spreading rapidly, in the United States, it is gradually becoming the land of the red, white and green. Earlier, this week, we saw that Congress had protected medical marijuana research from interference by U.S. Attorney Jeff Sessions, in the new federal spending bill. In 2017, the legal marijuana/cannabis industry hit $10Billion […]

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Uber for tradies

Uber for Tradies | Market-Scope for this on-demand industry | Aus’18

Who are Tradies? The Uber for Tradies (Handyman) industry has grown consistently over the past few years. Industry operators are typically sole proprietor/sole traders who are likely to perform a range of jobs such as gardening, building maintenance, plumbing, fencing, and painting. Nowadays, people have stopped using Yellow Pages to find tradesmen, as the number […]

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