live streaming app

How To Develop A Live Streaming App

Live streaming apps have a mass appeal and build the trust factor at a super-accelerated rate in real-time. Video content online is one of the most consumed content at the moment. TV has been replaced as a primary source of visual content. Live video streaming is now the go-to option for instant content for news,

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Video Conferencing Software | Where Virtual Is Reality Now

The pandemic has spread the office far and wide. Team members could be now located in any part of the country. Since years businesses have been servicing clients located in far off regions. Now it is the turn of employees who usually work under one roof, are now rather working remotely in a flexible work

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Mexican Pharmacy Online

Mexican Pharmacy Online | Ensuring Better Reach Of Vitals

Americans who are planning a trip to Mexico always have a common query, ‘Can you order prescriptions from Mexico pharmacy online?’ It seems easier purchasing prescriptions online than traveling across the border for it. These medications are just a click away and therefore it can be tempting to order online and then wait for your

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Startup funding in Latin America

Startup Funding in Latin America Causes VC Investors To Rethink

For those who have been tracking venture funding or startup funding in Latin America, the past few years have been exciting as the funding not just increased but sucked in billions. A growing number of global investors have been investing big bucks in the region turning Latin America into a mature market. The Latin America

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live streaming fitness marketplace

Live Streaming Marketplace- Remote Online Fitness Classes

Differentiate from the generic social media gym trainers and enter the world of Live Streaming Fitness Marketplace Health & fitness in the age of social media has become saturated with professionals who follow the same copycat marketing model. They post intense workout videos and photos within well-lit places, send out motivational quotes and advice, and

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her dating app

Plot Twist. The Man Of Her Dreams Is A Woman | Her Dating App

Cut The Ending. Reverse The Script. There Is No Prince Charming. Up until recently, quite a few nations acted as if lesbianism didn’t exist outside of porn and Ellen DeGeneres; as if girls only turn to date women if they previously have had a bad experience with a man. This, of course, is not true!

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Augmented Reality App Development

Augmented Reality App Development The Future You Can See

Augmented Reality capabilities overlay digital information in some form or another on top of the analog world where we live in. Augmented Reality app development has the necessary potential to disrupt a wide range of industries such as retail, real-estate, finance, travel, healthcare and fashion. Augmented reality is an extension of existing technologies as any

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social commerce vs ecommerce

Social Commerce vs Ecommerce- Alternative Online Shopping

eCommerce and mobile commerce have dramatically changed the way brands reach customers, making it faster and easier for consumers to make purchases on the fly while avoiding the hassles of going to the store.– Hil Davis. Ecommerce has penetrated our lives vastly in the last decade. From being skeptical about buying goods online to being

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virtual kitchen

Virtual Kitchen: Not A Fad, But The Future!

A concept that is empowering millions of restaurants, chefs, and food entrepreneurs. Customers have moved away from wanting to dine in at restaurants. They prefer to enjoy the comfort of staying in and ordering food, without having to break a bank, deal with the never-ending traffic and wait in long queues.  Food delivery has been

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