Appscrip reviews
Rahul Sharma

Appscrip Reviews, Complaints, Customer Testimonials with Videos

Customer Satisfaction is what makes a business or breaks it. But with great power comes great responsibility. While a vendor is responsible for delivering a great product, a customer is responsible for being honest about the engagement with the vendor and appreciate the vendor’s work. Going through the internet, we came across a couple of

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Why is mean stack popular
Rahul Sharma

Why is the MEAN stack so popular?

I have had first-hand experience transitioning my business into the MEAN stack. Here, I would like to share my 2 cents more from the business end. I am sure there are several technical folks out here with a lot of technical knowledge so I will take this approach from the tech + business perspective: Node.JS

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Do you wish to start a social media or messaging app
Rahul Sharma

Do you wish to launch your own Social Media or Messaging App or base your business on one? Here are some features you don’t want to miss.

The most important part in considering a development strategy for your Social Media or Messaging Application is to think about the features you wish to include. A common thinking that a lot of “Appreneurs” have is to load up the application with unlimited features right at the first launch. They do it assuming that this

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Uber like app for business
Rahul Sharma

Uber like App for Business

How much does it cost to develop an App Like Uber or Uber Like App or Uber For X? We come across this exact question with some variation approximately 10 times a day. The answer always is – It depends! Uber’s business model has given rise to a large number of On-Demand Platforms being adapted for different

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Instagram like apps and the power within
Rahul Sharma

Instagram like Apps – The power within!

Instagram had taken the world of apps by storm with its release in 2010, and today is one of the top-grossing apps in the world. The intuitive menus of Instagram, along with its filters and effects helped its popularity and acquisition by Facebook in 2012 for almost a billion dollars. The original founders of Instagram

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