On-Demand Logistics: 5 Major Digital Disruptions

Introduction Demand for automation, personalized workflows and streamlining complicated operation processes have strongly contributed to a shift in how businesses operate today and have created a tight relationship between consumers and businesses. In today’s world, where companies are entering into numerous on-demand verticals such as grocery, e-commerce, transportation, cleaning services, logistics etc. Before entering into […]

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5 Tips For Moving Your Team To Microservice Architecture

The microservice architecture also referred to as Microservices, is a unique technique of building software applications as a group of autonomously deployable, minute, modular services in which each and every service operates a unique process and connects via a well-defined, lightweight mechanism so to achieve a business objective. Microservices can be used to create enterprise applications […]

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8 Top Features of Django Web App Framework

Django is a Python-based, high-level, MVC-style, open-source collection of libraries encouraging rapid development and pragmatic, clean design of web apps. was originally designed for news sites since it lets developers write database-driven web applications, without having to start coding from scratch. Django 2.0 has been developed to be “the web framework for perfectionists with deadlines”. […]

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Microservice architecture in app development

What is Microservice Architecture in App Development? – An Outline

So you want to build an agile, robust & scalable business app, and you keep hearing about “Microservices” or “Microservice architecture” for development. The below article will simplify the concept behind microservice architecture & why it is used during business app development. The Previous Monolithic Approach Before we dive down to microservices architecture development practice, […]

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What is Docker? App containers vs OS containers vs Virtual machines

What is Docker & Why it is important: Virtual Machines, OS containers & App Containers

WHAT ARE VIRTUAL MACHINES? In order to understand app containers, let’s have a quick run-through of their predecessors, namely Hypervisor-based Virtual Machine(VM). Virtual Machines(VM) have been around for a while now, they are formed by the virtualization/emulation of a computer system within our physical PC. Functioning exactly like a PC, virtual machines can power up, boot […]

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