Clubhouse business & revenue model

Clubhouse’s Business And Revenue Model

Clubhouse App Might Be the Next Major Social Media Platform! Clubhouse is already being traded as the next big competitor to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  The hype surrounding the new audio app has now reached Germany and is being boosted by a large star line-up and radical shortage. Membership is only possible by invitation.  Since

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Why Does west Need To Leapfrog Into The Super App Era

Why Does West Need To Leapfrog Into The Super App Era?

Every tech investors’ ears perk up when the tech industry starts defining the innovations of tomorrow. The quality of innovation across Southeast Asia and Latin America is impressing a slew of software worldwide. Today, every tech entrepreneur is trying to trip over this big trend of 2021, super app.   Super app, a breed of

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Grocery delivery app

What Goes Into Making A Grocery Delivey App?

The world has changed since March 2020. It is never going to be the same again. Businesses have failed and collapsed by the way side as they didn’t foresee the future. A new world has dawned where everything is being done online. Businesses have realised that a physical store or outlet is becoming less important

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Business Ideas for Animal Lovers

Business Ideas for Animal Lovers: Paw-ssibilities And Purr-fection

Got a passion for fluffy, finned, and feathered four-legged friends? These business ideas for animal lovers will turn your passion into a profitable and purr-fect business.   A passion that spells purr-fection is forming a growth pattern that doesn’t know how to stand still. Stood at $216 billion in 2020, the pet care market industry has

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Rappi App Courier

Rappi Super App | Breaking New Barriers | 10 Minute Delivery

Rappi is a company based in Colombia and prides itself as the first Super App for that region floated on an initial investment of $2 million. This Bogota-based firm began operations with an on-demand delivery mobile application that allows users in Latin America to shop for groceries and other goods and send items through a

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Last Mile Delivery Ecosystem

The Last Mile Delivery Ecosystem – The Game Changer

A new era in online presence has commenced and consumers are adopting online sales like never before.  In the past three-months 81% of consumers have shopped online globally. A minimum of 2.2 billion people are expected to take the plunge and buy goods online this year. Mobile devices will be responsible for a lion’s share

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After B2B sales shaking hands

What It Takes To Be Successful In B2B Sales?

Compared to selling services/goods to consumers, B2B sales deals are high revenue sales with longer sales cycles. B2B sales can be both rewarding and gratifying. What is B2B sales? The transaction of goods or services from one business to another instead of being from businesses to consumers refers to business-to-business sales or B2B sales. This

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Augmented reality in advertising

Augmented Reality In Advertising – Door To A New World

Augmented reality (AR) has already become a buzzword in the world of technology what with Pokémon GO, a bestselling AR mobile game played by millions of people all over the world. However, AR isn’t just about games. It goes far beyond gaming and entertainment. AR has breathtaking prospects in many industries, from education to healthcare

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Offshoring Process

Offshoring During COVID Times To Keep Your Business Rolling

Offshoring is the process of getting your work done in another country. Essentially, this model increases your output, enhances your working hours and improves your technical expertise. Other than being located geographically far away, it’s pretty much similar to hiring locally. The process and cost of recruiting and paying staff your is quicker and much

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iot security soultions

IOT Security Solutions | Safe From Security & Threats

Every day, people are inventing new ways to connect devices. The most recent estimates predict as many as 75 billion will be online by 2025. Securing so many devices—each with its unique manufacturing process, electronics, software, function and lifecycle—requires a uniquely flexible, scalable and trusted iOT security solutions. From increasing the safety of roads, cars,

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