Mobile Clone Scripts For Startups by

Mobile App clone for startups

Appscrip goes live on 1st May’2014 with 10 super hot Mobile App Clone Scripts ! Jumpstart your business idea by leveraging our awesome pre-built clones which could form the base framework of your mobile app ! Chose from :

1) Uber Clone for On-Demand Services.

2) Snapchat Clone for ephemeral messaging

3) Instagram Clone for your own social media empire

4) Tinder Clone for kickstarting your dating app

5) Vine Clone for creating your own video media app

6) Stamp Me Clone for retail loyalty programs

7) Restaurant App for your restaurant & bar

8) CNBC Clone for your news app idea

9) Instaweather and Instaplace clone for an awesome photo based weather app

10) Whatsapp Clone for your very own private chat engine

Take a look and let the ideas flow!!

Check out for more ideas ! Yes ! We have thrown in our own customization ideas for your creative engines to ignite!



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