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Women are completely slaying the entrepreneurship game since last 10 years. Women entrepreneurs are clearly making a mark by launching some remarkable startups like;

Maven, is the Digital Clinic for Women. women can get advice, prescriptions or just peace of mind from highly-vetted women’s health experts.

women entrepreneurs
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Shippo, is the best multi-carrier shipping software for e-commerce businesses.

women entrepreneurs

Clearly the times have changed tremendously and women have emerged as successful entrepreneurs.

Take the example of Sophia Amoruso, After founding Nasty Gal as an eBay store in 2006, selling vintage clothing, Sophia has transformed the business into a multi-million dollar empire with their own clothing line.

Women are slightly more likely to start a business than men – SCORE

Women Entrepreneurs to Watch Out For in 2019!

Women entrepreneurs all over the world are making moves to become the best amongst the entrepreneur lot, here are few of the women entrepreneurs to watch out for in 2019:
1 women entrepreneurs   Caroline Esinam Adzogble : Founder of IAES Africa, Potters International College. She is known for being the youngest women to own and run accredited international college.

women entrepreneurs   Solange Nisingizwe : Started a cloth designing business Sola and Wax Design Ltd. Which gained vast popularity but she works on the belief that first go small scale and then grow slowly. She spent around a year researching the market she wanted to target.

3 women entrepreneurs   Anne Boden : Founder and CEO, Starling Bank. Raised two venture rounds of £10 million each in 2018, one of them in November, bringing the total it has raised to $96.8 million. Plans to expand through Europe.

4 women entrepreneurs   Falon Fatem : Founder and CEO, Node. After becoming Google’s youngest worker at age 19, Falon went on to launching her own startup. It makes an AI-powered application that helps people leverage their professional networks, has recently raised a total of $23.3 million.

Following infographic will give you detailed insights on growth of women owned businesses in US

growth of women entrepreneurs

This infographic explains the way women have evolved as entrepreneurs in different sectors. This transition has also resulted in increase of women workforce across the world, may be it is otherwise but it sure is happening.

Supporting decision by Crown Prince of Saudi

A part of credit for all these achievements by women entrepreneurs goes to the constant changes in rules and regulations in order to support women to raise a business.
One such revolution worth mentioning is when Saudi’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, lifted ban on women drivers in June 2018. There after Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 inspiring women to start their own businesses.

Read more about women entrepreneurs in Saudi here

Such revolutions play very significant part in boosting moral support of women and pushing them to do more and more better in the business world.

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