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freelancers vs software development company

Having a great idea is perfect but without thoughtful planning, the new-coming task or suggestion might have a fatal result.

The excitement of coming up with an idea for an amazing new website may disappear as soon as one realizes how much development effort is required to make the dream come true.

No matter how grand or concise your idea is, what about the execution? Here’s where problems appear.


Who can be trusted with the creation of your web solution?  An independent software developer? Or a company who specializes in web/mobile app development?



At Appscrip, we have worked with hundreds of clients and are well versed in giving dolling out some advice and experiences that may help you decide.

When should you hire a freelancer?

When cost is the prime concern

Your project is not huge

Quality of the product is not much of a concern – rather you just need the job done

One time project with limited shelf life

No urgency compromise with the time of delivery of the project.

You are passionate about your business and are willing to go the extra mile to make it up and running.

But imagine: how much would you lose if your developer unexpectedly disappeared?

There are situations when you need to hire several freelancers: front-end developer, back-end developer, and QA engineer. Those three would never work well together as freelancers.

Look at the pitfalls of hiring a freelancer


  • Risks

They are independent and decide which projects to prioritize. They can decide on leaving anytime without saying anything at all.

  • Hard to manage

You cannot control their work. They may be unorganized and bad with time-management. Managing such employees is pretty peculiar and risky.

  • Low level of an end product’s quality

Freelancers are interested in their profit, not yours. They try to finish your project soon without paying much attention to crucial details.

  • Confidentiality Issues

You can ask that freelancers sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), but you’ll still have to weigh up the risks.

  • Not Every Freelancer Cares About Your Product’s Quality

Not all freelancers run their business to get returning clients. Your company’s success may not be their top priority.

  • No Further Maintenance

Freelancers completing a project and then leaving it is typical. In case bugs appear, you have to look for other people to fix them.

Freelancers Vs Professional Company

Top Software Developers

Advantages of Hiring a Software Development Company

Freelancers Vs Professional Company

#1 Dedicated Team of Developers: You get a team to work on your project.

Appscrip has a team 120+ talented professionals who divide the tasks based on their expertise in different areas, such as consulting, strategy development, UI designing, developing, quality check, content creation and so on, to deliver an end product that exceeds your expectations.

#2 Quality Development Process: They will put all their knowledge and experience to your project. They understand your enterprise model and come up with a strategic plan that meets your business goals. Then, they follow ethical and agile web development process to give your business a competitive edge.

#3 Wide Industry Experience: You get to work with experienced professionals with different knowledge and skills.

Since 2014, Appscrip has delivered one app per day to its clients worldwide. They have also worked on a diversified range of projects and acquired immense experience and expertise in mobile application development.

#4 A Home to Multiple Talents: Let’s say you want to develop a business website, mobile application and CMS system, you will be needing a bunch of developers, designers, CMS experts. A good IT company houses all these talents. All products are developed under one roof.

#5 Various Hiring Models: An IT company has access to valuable resources that you cannot afford for your single project. Companies offer hiring models to help you get access to the best IT professionals based on your requirements at budget-friendly prices.

Whether you are a small business operator or large enterprise manager, Appscrip offers very competitive pricing.

#6 On-time Delivery: Companies believe in building long-term relationships and strive to deliver projects on time.

Developers at Appscrip relentlessly work hard to meet tight deadlines and launch every app in a timely manner.

#7 Post-Delivery Support and Maintenance: There is no website or application that doesn’t require regular maintenance. A proficient software development company won’t leave you as soon as the project is completed. They will provide continuous support and maintenance service.

Appscrip aims to build long-term relationship not only through new developments, also by offering post-delivery support, bug fixes and regular updates.

This can be ascertained from the glowing reviews on prominent review sites like Clutch & GoodFirms.

#8 Your Business Idea is Safe: Confidentiality is one of the key areas for most businesses. Software companies would willing sign the NDA before starting the development process. This ensure your idea is safe with them.

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A Final Word

Remember to find a company whose experience matches your needs and to never decide on cost alone. These companies may help you save money in the long run.

freelancers vs development company

freelancers vs development company

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