New Mobile App Clones in the pipeline!

New Mobile App clone

Owing to the grand success of a few apps, and the immense number of queries we’ve been getting about them, you may have noticed a few new items in our clone scripts list! Check these out:

1) iDeliver (Postmates Clone) : Postmates is quite the rage wherever it has been launched and has been mate with rave reviews. Naturally, our gray cells itched and our quest of empowering entrepreneurs like ourselves led to us to start the development of a Postmates Clone!
Imagine the ease of ordering from the app, listed with your favourite eateries and also being able to track the delivery real-time, so you know just when to open the beer and let the party start! This is coupled with PCI compliant payment system, so you have the best experience using the app. This Postmates Clone is under development and will be available for Android and iOS very soon!

2) MyTable (Opentable Clone) : Table booking and restaurant management was revolutionized with the launch of Opentable, and the only complaint people had was that it’s not available everywhere. We thus have also decided to clone this turnkey mobile application, complete on iOS, Android and an iPad App for restaurant managers. Like OpenTable, you can select your restaurant, browse the menu, and book your table. The Manager app and Web admin allows for easy management of the restaurant and its resources.

3) Babysitter App (Uber for X) : With a valuation close to $19 billion, Uber has taken the world by storm and inspired similar on-demand apps all over the world. It is, therefore, obvious that we would come up with something similar. Thus, we are making Babysitter, the on-demand app for Babysitters. You check out a map and see the free babysitters around yourself, view their profiles, and with social integration, also see which of your Facebook friends have used the sitter’s services. At the end of the appointment, the users have various options for payments, ratings and more.
The best part about this app is the re usability factor, meaning that this very app can be customized for every possible service, be it laundry, massages, doctors, tow trucks and more!

All these apps will be out very soon and we thought it would be best to update you about the same!
So, buckle up, bring out the entrepreneur in you and build yourself an app and a few million dollars! 😉




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