Uber for trucks

Rise of Uber for trucks like apps,The transition from the Offline trucking Industry

Current Trucking Market Uber, a taxi hailing application, over the years of its operations has not only topped the on-demand taxi business but has also become a trailblazer for the on-demand applications. Inspired by Uber’s business model which is perfectly amalgamated with cutting-edge tech, entrepreneurs and large-scale businesses have started to invest into this model for different […]

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Food Tech should we

Food Tech : Do we need to gobble more on a mobile first approach or work on the innovations ? Let’s find out !

While innovation flows freely in every industry, from time to time the media latches onto a particular tech wave or flavor. Flavors have moved with the seasons, from FinTech to LegalTech, and  these is a rising buzz in WeedTech. But one of the most lucrative markets, ripe for disruption and familiar to every one of […]

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Do you wish to start a social media or messaging app

Do you wish to launch your own Social Media or Messaging App or base your business on one? Here are some features you don’t want to miss.

The most important part in considering a development strategy for your Social Media or Messaging Application is to think about the features you wish to include. A common thinking that a lot of “Appreneurs” have is to load up the application with unlimited features right at the first launch. They do it assuming that this […]

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