Goland delivery

Why Gojek Utilized Golang For Their Dispatch Management System?

Developers claim Go PL is ideal for applications that need high speed, high security, and considerable modularity. Choosing an able technology to enhance a business or streamline it via an application is vital in the present day situation.  Ruby is usually the go to language for most folks as it can produce a truly fast

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car rental markeplace

Car Rental MarketPlace | The Money Is Here!

Due to the continuous growth of the on-demand technology in the market, car rental apps have become as common as social media apps. The increase in demand for car rental applications have shifted these apps into the category of a necessary one. A car rental solution not only emerge as a source of convenience for users,

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Food Delivery Business Model

Food Delivery Business Model | Cooking Up Profits

On-demand food delivery startups have the same psychological value in the on-demand economy– pledge to save people time and effort when it comes to ordering food through built on a sustainable food delivery business model. One of the fastest-growing industries in the past years is, unsurprisingly, food delivery apps. Food is an essential human need,

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Top 5 Use Cases Of Elasticsearch In Various Industries

Top 5 Use Cases Of Elasticsearch In Various Industries

Search has been one of the most reliable sources of information for users across the world. Whenever we search a keyword into our search bar we are flooded with the most relevant information on the top and less relevant on the bottom. Within the shortest time and minimal effort, we get quality solutions.  Google has

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minibar app review

Minibar App Review | A Bumper Of Good Liquor

As more consumers turn to the convenience of e-commerce to deliver alcohol during the coronavirus outbreak, the recent surge could be indicative of a broader shift that could buoy the largely untapped segment for beer, spirits and wine long after the virus has dissipated. With consumers spending more time at home sipping drinks or holding

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food delivery apps in spain

Food Delivery Apps in Spain | ¡Qué rica comida!

Even though Spain is filled with amazing restaurants, bakeries and coffeeshops, sometimes it’s just better to stay home and order in. Getting restaurant style quality food delivered right to your door is an amazing luxury that everyone enjoys every once in a while. This artilce outlines the top food delivery platforms in Spain so you

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Food Delivery Apps in Brazil ~ Vou Rangar

Brazil’s mobile economy is the jaguar of South America – formidable, with a character all its own.  It’s the fifth largest country in the world, with 212 million people. The outbreak of COVID-19 in Brazil during the first quarter of 2020 might have led Brazil’s online population to start changing their habits. On March 6,

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dark store grocery eCommerce Feature Image

All You Need To Know About Dark Stores!

No, they aren’t stores without electricity! With the eCommerce business growing from strength to strength with each passing day, it is also creating highly demanding customers who seek faster and frequent deliveries without lapses. This is an essential opportunity for companies (and a challenge too), as to how they can overcome the “last-mile delivery” hurdle.

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Bootstrapping vs Venture Capital

Bootstrapping vs Venture Capital | Decision Time?

“Bootstrapping vs Venture Capital” are terms people use in business circles while thinking of raising funds. Here are some practical things to consider when deciding if you want to raise capital and what kind of capital. What Is Capital? Capital includes the cash and other financial assets held by an individual or business, and is the total of all financial

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