Augmented Reality In The Auto Industry

The Future Is Driving Augmented Reality In The Auto Industry

The future of Augmented Reality in the Auto Industry depends on the launching of newer models utilizing advanced technologies. Augmented reality applications in the automotive industry will ease complicated tasks, such as designing, prototyping, assembling, or periodic maintenance. The automobile industry is one of the world’s biggest industries. Regulations that could affect them in the

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Augmented Reality App For Newspaper & Publishing Sector

Augmented Reality App For Newspaper And Publishing Sector

In the past, as it is widely acknowledged, print media and print content publishers were the unchallenged dominators of the world of information. Both public and private communication were possible, thanks to paper and ink. But today, we are in the middle of an epic transition phase. Content creators are moving from paper to digital

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5 Ways To Make Money On Instagram

5 Ways To Make Money On Instagram: Get P̶r̶o̶d̶u̶c̶t̶s̶ Paid

Share a snap and spark the attention: this strategy of making money on Instagram is just the tip of the iceberg. The psychology of persuasion penetrates deep into the ocean of posts, explain the following 5 ways to make money on Instagram.   Instagram is Invaluable. With 1.074 billion+ users worldwide, Instagram has become a force

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Online retail sales canada

How Online Retail Sales Canada Increased By $2 Billion A Month

58% Canadians have increased their online shopping behavior as compared to the pre-pandemic era. Even as Canadians shake off the lethargy caused due to COVID-19 lockdown, marketing experts have noticed a massive shift in their purchasing habits. There is a drastic shift to online shopping that is dominating consumer trends. A survey done on online

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How Can Entrepreneurs Make Money From Online Marketplaces?

How Can Entrepreneurs Make Money From Online Marketplaces?

Marketplace-style websites are nothing short of a money-making machine. From Amazon to Alibaba, every online marketplace is generating profit just by opening its website to the merchants. Pouring more potential into online marketplace platforms are apps, providing a more convenient and reliable place for users to promote their products.    Name a need that online

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Store Picker Workflow In A Delivery App

The previous articles covered: Customer App Workflow Driver App Workflow. In this article we will focus on another important aspect of the delivery app. The Store Picker workflow in a delivery app. What is a Store Picker? When a customer orders grocery or alcohol, someone has to physically go to the store and pick up

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Augmented Reality In Tourism

Augmented Reality In Tourism Is Reengineering Travel

Augmented reality (AR) with its immersive experience is transforming the way people interact with the world around them. It has emerged as a vital marketing tool, assisting businesses to change the way customers perceive the environment they are in. Augmented reality in tourism adds a graphical interface to the environment being viewed through a device.

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5 benefits of augmented reality in retail and ecommerce

5 Benefits Of Augmented Reality In Retail And eCommerce

Customer experience, brand engagement, personalized shopping experience, and maximizing sales. You will hear teams of the retail and eCommerce sector talk every day about how to enhance these factors. Augmented reality in retail and augmented in eCommerce are the two hot topics of their discussions. Retail businesses are using innovative technology to stay ahead of

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