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5 Popular Marijuana App Models You Should Invest In 2018

Ever since the boom of the cannabis industry, marijuana counterparts of famous trending apps have been spreading everywhere. Now with medical and recreational marijuana legalization spreading monthly, it is nothing less of a gold rush for entrepreneurs to get their own marijuana-based version of a trending app developed as quickly as possible. Here are our

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What is Blockchain? 6 Important Use Cases of Blockchain Technology

In October 2008, Blockchain – a P2P network that provides a decentralized public domain where every transaction is recorded between buyer and seller – was introduced as the underlying technology that powered Bitcoin, a virtual currency system that eschewed the need of a central authority for issuing or verifying cryptocurrency and its associated transactions. Since

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Cannabis Industry Legal

The Cannabis Industry – A Legal Overview

Legal Overview While the cannabis market is booming, it is wise to remember that the legal landscape for the cannabis industry is constantly shifting as well. With new states being legalized annually, there will always be a legality-vary between states with regards to marijuana usage. Some are taking baby steps into marijuana legalization while others

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Cannabis Industry & Weed Delivery Apps

The Cannabis Industry Boom & Weed Delivery Apps

The cannabis industry has come a long way ever since medical marijuana first got legalized in California 1960.Despite social stigma, 29 US states have been legalized for medical marijuana consumption as well as the territories of Guam, Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia. Due to which, the cannabis industry and weed delivery app’s have

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Tesla’s New Electric Truck & The Electric Trucking Industry

Tesla’s New Electric Truck & The Electric Trucking Industry

All eyes from the trucking and transportation industry are on Tesla, as Tesla launches its new electric semi truck today. The main questions seem to revolve around what the new semi hopes to offer and the potential ramifications electric trucks could have on the trucking industry. “A lot of people don’t think you can do a

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Whatsapp clone as business tool.jpg

WhatsApp clone as a business tool

WhatsApp’s impact in the communication industry has been phenomenal. Infused into our day to day communication, WhatsApp is now an inevitable part of our daily routine and has already replaced SMS as the numero uno mode of chat-based communication. Since the success of WhatsApp, WhatsApp clone has started to rise. Using cutting-edge technology, WhatsApp like apps can

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Canada’s new market gap for ride-hailing services

The transport industry in Canada is receiving a huge surge since Lyft – A popular app ride-hailing app in the US announced its expansion into the region by the end of the year. Lyft has been a constant rival of Uber in the US and being the two largest players in the Mobile transportation market, they

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Bringing your uber for trucks app to life

Bringing your Uber for trucks app to life: The Basics

Before jumping into your million dollar Uber for trucks like app idea – You need to make sure your app covers the basic functionality. Remember Sustainable Businesses are built on Strong Foundations.The same follows for your Uber for trucks mobile app. Most great ideas are never sustainable in the long run because design efforts are

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Uber for trucks

Rise of Uber for trucks like apps,The transition from the Offline trucking Industry

Current Trucking Market Uber, a taxi hailing application, over the years of its operations has not only topped the on-demand taxi business but has also become a trailblazer for the on-demand applications. Inspired by Uber’s business model which is perfectly amalgamated with cutting-edge tech, entrepreneurs and large-scale businesses have started to invest into this model for different

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