Uber how does the taxi booking app

Uber – How does the taxi booking app work?

Mobile tech and the world of smartphones have taken the world by storm. Suddenly, we have an app for every job that can possibly be thought of, all the way from Uber to the “simpler” Yo. And, by chance, if an app still isn’t in the market, believe us, it’ll soon be there! With Uber

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New Mobile App clone

New Mobile App Clones in the pipeline!

Owing to the grand success of a few apps, and the immense number of queries we’ve been getting about them, you may have noticed a few new items in our clone scripts list! Check these out: 1) iDeliver (Postmates Clone) : Postmates is quite the rage wherever it has been launched and has been mate

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A taxi like app for your company

A Taxi App for your company – Better than Uber!

The fight of old taxi companies against the likes of Uber and Lyft has been in the media at large these days. Both sides have their arguments, but let’s focus on what the old companies have not put up with, that companies like Uber have exploited well – technology! Taxis around the world operate in

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Tap talk new snapchat clone

Taptalk – Another Snapchat Clone!

If you’ve always wondered what a clone app could help you with or do for you, here’s an example of Taptalk, a new Snapchat like app that’s been making it big in the headlines recently. Taptalk, most simply, is a camera viewfinder above a grid of your friends’ faces. Tap on a face to send

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New instagram update

New Instagram update adds more dope!

INSTAGRAM UPDATE OF JUNE 2014 ADDS MORE GOODIES! “People come to Instagram today to post their photos but haven’t come back to edit their photos” Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom has been quoted saying. Thus Instagram has come up with an exciting new update of 9 NEW effects and sliders to control existing ones! What was

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Tinder like app

What you can do with a Tinder Like App ?

Its quite amazing how Tinder spawned so many other app success stories. The User Interface and Design they created is so intuitive and simple to use that it has resulted in it being adopted in e-commerce apps , mobile shopping apps , survey apps , real estate apps ,etc. The Swipe function on Tinder is

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Mobile App clone for startups

Mobile Clone Scripts For Startups by Appscrip.com

Appscrip goes live on 1st May’2014 with 10 super hot Mobile App Clone Scripts ! Jumpstart your business idea by leveraging our awesome pre-built clones which could form the base framework of your mobile app ! Chose from : 1) Uber Clone for On-Demand Services. 2) Snapchat Clone for ephemeral messaging 3) Instagram Clone for

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