Software For Solicitors To Work Remote | Passion For Justice

Software For Solicitors To Work Remote | Passion For Justice

With the world practising social distancing or rather physical distancing religiously and out of discernment, ways and means of reaching out to others is breaking new boundaries. Cloud meetings or web conferencing is an online service by which one can hold live meetings, conferences, presentations and trainings via the internet.

With most professions working remotely, the web conferencing software for solicitors can assist the legal fraternity to keep up with clients  and connect by enabling audio and video either on a mobile or your PC / desktop through a VoIP connection.

Appscrip Meet is our cloud-based online meeting software, with audio, video and web conferencing capability. It’s a cloud-based video conferencing tool wherein you can host calls.

The design of the software has been inspired by key features available in popular online meeting apps such as Zoom, GoToMeeting, Bluejeans, Cisco WebEx, Slack, Google Meet.

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Top Web Conferencing Benefits

It is ideal for businesses, entrepreneurs, schools, solicitors and Universities. Since the code is absolutely customizable, highly scalable and flexible you can add extensions and add-ons of your own.

How Software For Solicitors Can Ensure Justice

The Appscrip Meet software is particularly beneficial for legal professionals. Now with web conferencing tools at your disposal distance is not an impediment to accomplish legal formalities.

Lawyers and solicitors can schedule and host meetings with their clients residing in any part of the world. Clients or solicitors can complete signing of documents electronically and record it.

They can electronically endorse an agreement and record the signing process which can be documented as validation.

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Our web conferencing software is safe and secure for legal professionals to execute their business without discrepancy. The advantages of online completion of legal formalities have certain undeniable advantages such as:

Reliable and Safe

When you reach out to your client, colleague, or partner, you can rely on our cloud meeting software for a safe and secure connection to carry out formalities without any inhibition.

Notary Formalities

You can notarize any document via video call without any impediment. High standards identity verification system makes the system fool-proof. Record the endorsement of signature for future references.

Remote Collaboration

Our cloud meeting software lets lawyers and solicitors to schedule, host, and record video meetings. This saves on infrastructure, increases client meetings and enhances their efficiency.

Appscip Meet Software for Solicitors

Noteworthy Features Of Appscrip Meet

Video Conferencing

The primal feature of web conferencing software is the ability to stay connected with anyone and everyone through audio and video facility anywhere around the globe.

Screen Sharing

The contents of your screen can be shared during video meetings. This includes all the elements on a screen or just one window. The software enables you to control the visibility of your desktop/laptop and to ensure privacy.

Private/Public Conference

The setting up a new meeting is straightforward by sharing a link that possesses a unique channel name. Now anybody with the conference link can join the meeting. Or include a password so that only people with the password for the conference link would be able to join. Registration is not a must.

Schedule Meeting

Appscrip Meet offers the option of scheduling a meeting with the participants residing anywhere on the globe. You can send invitations and reminders as well.

Share Youtube Video

You can share Youtube video clips with participants of a meeting without downloading the video. This would make your online meetings effective and interesting.

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Live Stream To Various Channels

You can broadcast your meetings on Youtube or Facebook and this can be viewed live or scheduled for later. You can broadcast the videos on public domains or hold them in private so that it can be accessed via a link.

Work On Documents Together

Our web conferencing software allows you to create or edit documents in real-time. The efficiency of a project can be enhanced through document sharing. Write and update a document by integrating other participants during a video meeting.

Record Audio/Video Meetings

Record audio / video conferences for future reference or share it with participants.

Safe and Secure

All communications remain private as the highest level of security has been inculcated. Therefore the software is ideal for government organizations, state agencies, and legal firms that pursue security and privacy.

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