Store Picker Workflow In A Delivery App

The previous articles covered:

Customer App Workflow

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In this article we will focus on another important aspect of the delivery app.

The Store Picker workflow in a delivery app.

What is a Store Picker?

When a customer orders grocery or alcohol, someone has to physically go to the store and pick up the items in the customer order list . The store picker has the responsibility to pick the right items. He can suggest new products which the customer can accept/reject. If the item is not available then he can check for alternate or substitute products and upon approval by the customer, the item can be added to the cart. There is a provision to chat, do a VOIP call or even a video chat with the customer to make the shopping experience complete.

store workflow for picker app - accept orders

  1. Once an order comes into the store app, the store manager checks if teh order can be fulfilled. If yes he accepts the order. If it cannot be fulfilled for some reason then order can be rejected. It will then move out of the store admin dashboard and a notification will be sent to the customer of the same.
  2. Once an order is accepted it is assigned to a picker. The picker can also be the driver who will ultimately deliver the order.
  3. The picking process starts once the picker is identified.
  4. store workflow of picker app if an item is not available
  5. The store picker checks to see if the item is available. If it is not available then he checks if a substitute item is available. If it is then, is the item of the same preferences as that of the customer. If it is not then select the product from the catalog or add it manually and send it for approval from the customer.
  6. store picker app workflow
  7. If the customer doesn’t approve of the choice of item, then initiate refund of the item.
  8. If the customer approves of the item then check if the item price is more than the earlier item chosen by the customer initially. If yes then capture the difference and continue the picking process.
  9. If the item price is the same as the previously chosen item then continue the picking process.
  10. If the item is priced less than the earlier chosen item then start the refund amount process and continue picking rest of the shopping list.
  11. picking process in a store picker app
  12. When picking an item check if there is a bar code on it. If yes scan it. If the scanner doesnt work then “Force-Pick” the item by uploading an image of the item.
  13. If the item doesnt have a bar code then “Force-Pick” it and mark it as picked.
  14. store picking workflow in a delivery app
  15. Once Picking is DONE, start the process of Checkout.
  16. Once checkout is done, upload the receipt.
  17. Enter teh number of bags scanned and generate labels for printing.
  18. The driver can be an in-store driver or a 3rd party delivery driver.
  19. If the driver is of a 3rd party then auto assign the driver.
  20. If it is someone from the store then check if there is an auto assign process. If it is then automatically assign the driver for delivery.
  21. If not then driver will be manually assigned by the store.

Refund Process In A Store Picker App – Store Picker Workflow

refund flow in a store picker app

  1. If the mode of payment is “Cash on Delivery” then there is no question of returning any money.
  2. If the mode of payment is anythign othr than cash payment then the money is returned to the card or Wallet as applicable.

A delivery business works if the mobile app is robust and fearture rich. The workflow must be smooth and take each scenario into consideration. If you want to discuss about your app needs, give us a call and we will take you through the entire process of a delivery app.

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