Blockchain Logistics Will Herald Efficient Handling in Trucking

Growth of freight volume further complicates the trucking industry. This mandates the need of a robust logistics management system. As it impacts the bottom line of any transportation company. The transport sector is still grappling with issues due to outdated infrastructure and paucity of investment. Inculcating blockchain technology will enhance the working of the trucking, […]

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uberization of freight

BlackBuck’s successful uberization of freight and trucking business in India

Ever since Uber reinvented taxi services by placing itself in between customers and private car owners, “uberization” has become a craze. Uber-like platforms have also taken the trucking business to the next level – Uberization of freight. Uberisation is being applied into many different sectors, from laundry to legal services. And it is getting significantly […]

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