Things you should consider while building an app like Instagram

Things you should consider while building an app like Instagram
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 It started with the simple photo sharing app and in due course of time, they also added video and story features to it.

At that time no one thought that this simple photo sharing app would raise $500k and which would help it to create a new product on IOS, Android and Windows platform.  After gaining some popularity it again raised a total of $ 57.5m in ten and ten investors.


The main reason for its popularity was the increase in the number of smartphones, according to Statista, the number of smartphone users will reach almost 3 billion by the end of 2020. 


Therefore at Appscrip, we thought that it would be useful to share the in-depth evolution, functionality, and elements of Instagram. So that you can also build an app like Instagram.

How Instagram Evolved?


Evolution of Instagram

Currently, Instagram is not only the leading in the photo-sharing app but also it is the most popular social network in the world.

It started with a unique and simple photo sharing functionality, it was their main USP which made it possible to receive huge investment and develop a more advanced version of the app.


Almost one – eight of the world’s population is the monthly active user of Instagram, about 95 million pictures are posted on a daily basis on Instagram. 

Source: Statista

You might be surprised to know that before the launch of Instagram photo sharing and editing tools were not integrated into any app. This is where Instagram played its game and launched its app with both features integrated.

In due course of time, it also added filters in photo editing option and within a few months, it gained 1 million active users.

Image result for instagram filter features

With time, Instagram evolved and now it’s not a simple photo sharing app, but also a social media platform offering a lot of functionality for marketers and business owners.

Instagram new features 2019


Key features of Instagram

From photo sharing app to an e-commerce platform 

Now Instagram has a lot of features to edit and customize the photos. It had enabled users to show a creative side to the world and convert visitors into followers. With the increase in the number of influencers, the scope for social commerce has also increased on the app.


Messaging feature 

It also had an inbuilt messaging feature from which users can share highlights, idea and connect directly.


Other features:

  • IGTV – Now users with IGTV can share long video and create their personal channel
  • Stories – Here a user can share a short 15-second video.
  • Shopping feature – Now users can tag products in the post, which can be purchased directly from the app.
  • Nametags  – Nametags are like personal QR code, it allows a user to get followers by simply scanning the nametag. It can be printed on paper and anyone can use it to see profile or follow that person

Now you have understood all about the evolution and basic features of Instagram, now let’s discuss the process to develop an app like Instagram.

How to Create an App Like Instagram

Now we will discuss all the important things to consider while developing an app like Instagram

Create an app like instagram


For anyone who wants to launch an app, they should consider the following things, especially to build a social photo sharing app

  • Make through evaluation of competitors
  • Research your target audience
  • Also, research your app’s USP
  • Also, calculate the timeline for the project development
  • Don’t forget to consider the budget
  • In order to keep up with the competitors, you also need to evolve other functionalities

Monetization options with an app like Instagram  

While planning for the app development it should be clear in your mind that you are not only creating a social photo sharing app, you should also look for ways to monetize it

App monetization feature

Like Instagram has many monetization features for example

  • Advertising
  • Sponsorship
  • Online shopping platform

So you can also use a similar model to monetize your app and must include these features

  • Allow users to sell their photos so that you can earn a commission for every sale made
  • With an increase in the number userbase, you can start advertising on the platforms
  • You can charge users for getting more followers
  • You can also offer special deals to active users in order to increase app engagement

Minimum viable product (MVP) development

At this stage, you should develop your product with sufficient features which can attract early adopters and build a base for future developments

Minimum viable product


This measurement stage helps you to develop a strong brand idea and also helps you to understand and build more functionality. Below we have mentioned the things which you should keep in mind at this stage:

  • Intuitive user-navigation
  • Clear designs (UX/UI)
  • Eye-catching graphics and visual element (e.g logo)
  • Personalized feed
  • Well-functioning application

The technology used to build Instagram like project

Currently, Instagram operates from Facebook’s silicon valley campus with a team of 100s of almost 100 engineers.   The service they build serves 300 million active users who post 70 million images a day.

So after analyzing the key features, now you have to decide in which direction you will move. 

  • Just like Instagram, your app should have a user-friendly interface which should be easily accessible by new users.
  • Instagram uses a vast number of different technologies, some of which may also be applicable in your startup.

Technologies applied in Instagram are:

  • React Native -iOS & Android apps
  • Python (Django framework) & HTML5JavaScript -server-side
  • Computing services -Amazon S3, Amazon, EBS, Amazon EC2
  • Database -PostgreSQL

Instagram Tech Stack