Tinder For Pets: 7 Top Apps You Should Know About In 2021

Tinder for pets

Millions around the world have used Tinder’s swipe & match system to find potential dates – but now it could also help users find their perfect furry companion. Yeah, you heard it right! Tinder for pets is a new marketplace platform, which helps single pet lovers to go on a date, find pets for adoption, find pet walkers or sitter apps and much more.

Why the Tinder for pet concept is trendy?

According to the Puppy Love promotional video, 7.6 million animals are abandoned each year.

This made Tinder for pet apps to enter the market to help people find their true companions in terms of pets.

Also, around 60% of Americans have pets of some kind, which made companies come up with a concept called Tinder for Pet Sitters or Tinder for Pet walkers, as it helps working-class people to get a pet sitter for their pets in their absence.

Nowadays there are also apps like Tindog, Dog Date Afternoon, Doggone Singles, etc which provides an app for single pet lovers to meet other pet lovers along with their pets.

The idea was developed to set up a platform for single pet owners to reach out to each other, creating a community within the app.

Tinder For Pets: 6 top apps you should know about in 2018

The Top 7 Tinder For Pet Apps In 2021

Tinder for Pet Adoption

 Zeppee: Australia’s first iPhone app for connecting pets to their new forever homes.
Using powerful location-based technology, coupled with the ‘Swipe’ user interface, popularised by apps such as Tinder & Stash, Zeppee ensured that finding the four-legged companion is easy, fun, and addictive for pet lovers.

Tinder For Pets: 6 top apps you should know about in 2018

Zeppee app helps the user to refine the search by pet breed, age, distance, category (Shelter, RSPCA, Breeder etc.) and much more. It also automatically pinpoints the user’s exact location using GPRS technology, which guides the user to find the closest suitable furry companions.

Tinder For Pets: 6 top apps you should know about in 2018

Zeppee has this unique feature where all the rescue pets feature a pink Rescue Ribbon on their profile photos (top right corner) as it becomes easy to spot

 After the launch of Zeppe within two weeks,  2,000 animals were listed nationwide.

Barkbuddy: This app is the first app that was designed to locate adoptable pups in any area and fetch the pet lover a perfect match. It lets people quickly swipe through available animals, choosing those they like – and the app even learns their canine preferences over time.

Tinder For Pets: 6 top apps you should know about in 2018

Using this app users can swipe through photos of dogs, which helps the app to look at the different aspects of users’ favorite animals to improve its recommendations. It also provides a graph of the breed people favor, and can also choose the size, age &  sex of the animal they prefer.

Barkbuddy has currently listed over 300,000 adoptable dogs, and has had 8 million swipes in the week it’s been live.

Tinder For Pets: 6 top apps you should know about in 2018

Visit BarkBuddy to know more!

Tinder for Pet Sitting App


There are times when you just can’t take your pet everywhere as you need to go to work. The Rover app connects dog owners to hundreds of dog sitters in the city across the U.S and Canada, which helps the owners to find the perfect dog sitter who will watch their dog in the owner’s absence.

These dog sitters offer various services such as dog boarding, dog walking, house sitting, or doggy daycare.

Tinder For Pets: 6 top apps you should know about in 2018

The app notifies dog parents with adorable photo updates, GPS tracking of your dog’s walk, an easy way to message sitters, and a secure way to book and pay.

Rover has expanded the dog-sitting business to Europe, by aiming at more segments of the pet industry

Tinder For Pets: 6 top apps you should know about in 2018


We are building a very sticky relationship with a large portion of the pet-owning population. We expect to roll out additional offerings to make that even stickier – Aaron Easterly Rover CEO

Know more about Rover, here.


Wag! is another app for busy dog owners. It gives the owner access to discover certified dog walkers in their local community and to book private dog walking, sitting, or boarding services 7-days a week.

Tinder For Pets: 6 top apps you should know about in 2018

The dog owners can get a dog walker as per their convenience or set up a recurring walk schedule. And if your pooch is rumbustious, you can even get a dog walker to arrive in as little as 15 minutes.

Visit Wag for more info!

Wag! helps dog owners to track their dog’s walk via GPS and create a report card that includes pee/poop notifications.

Tinder For Pets: 6 top apps you should know about in 2018

Wag! App – a special act of goodwill“mile Wag! walks a dog”, for every walk completed, they donate one meal to the Rescue Bank.

 Did you know there is Tinder for pet Instagram called Petcube wherein owners can put their  adorable pet’s pics, videos and connect to their pets for real-time. 

This Tinder for pets claims that their app is where friendship begins! And they are so right about it.

Animal lovers in Lithuania created an app, inspired by the popular dating app Tinder to match up dogs and cats in local shelters with new owners. GetPet was launched in 2019. The app was developed to streamline the growing demand of people looking to adopt a pet.

“It is like Tinder, but with dogs,” said Vaidas Gecevicius, one of the app’s creators. “You can arrange a meeting with the dog — a date.”

People tend to look for new connections through various social media platforms and applications for social interaction. GetPet is one of those apps which creates connections and long-term friendships. The only difference? These friendships are made with four-legged furry friends.

The process is simple, just like Tinder: to show your love – swipe right; no love at first sight? swipe left. After that, you can open your favorite’s list and choose one or even two pets you would like to bring home and save from loneliness.

Tinder for pets in 2021
GetPet app: A world-renowned toolkit to help stray animals find new homes, and humans to find the right pet and make new friendship

 Tinder For Pet &  Pet Lovers Twining


Inspired by Tinder, Tindog is another location-based app that lets you find other dogs and their owners around you, giving the owner and their canine the opportunity to make friends.

Tinder For Pets: 6 top apps you should know about in 2018

The app works easily as the owner just has to upload a photo of him/her with their dog and begin swiping. Once the profile gets matched with another dog owner, the person can chat, share photos with one another, hook up for play dates at the dog park or meet up for coffee at a dog-friendly café along with their dogs to see if they find a perfect match.

Tinder For Pets: 6 top apps you should know about in 2018

The app, which is available for iOS and Android already has more than 100,000 registered users.

The platform was created to facilitate that two people who love animals and have dogs can get to know each other”, and assures that “the love of an owner for a dog is something that moves mountains – Julien Muller, CEO and founder of Holidog

Dog Date Afternoon

Dog Date Afternoon connects local, single dog lovers who want to date. Unlike apps that match dogs for playdates, Dog Date Afternoon is for owners that are single. The apps work really easy as the owners just have to enter their quick info, upload pics of them with their pups, browse profiles of dog owners and their pooches, find like-minded dog lovers & connect and go on fun dates.

Tinder For Pets: 6 top apps you should know about in 2018

Check out more about Dog Dating Afternoon here.

In conclusion, Tinder for pets is not limited to dating apps or pet sitter apps but there are also apps like Tinder for lost pets, Tinder for pets hotels & restaurants, Tinder for pet coach, etc which help pet lovers to connect to other pet lovers as well as reach out to different sectors for the pet industry.

Also, Tinder for pets is not the only idea, as there is a lot of different Tinder for use cases in the marketplace.

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Tinder for pets

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