What you can do with a Tinder Like App ?

Tinder like app

Its quite amazing how Tinder spawned so many other app success stories. The User Interface and Design they created is so intuitive and simple to use that it has resulted in it being adopted in e-commerce apps , mobile shopping apps , survey apps , real estate apps ,etc. The Swipe function on Tinder is so popular that Tinder reports almost 350 million swipes in 1 day!

For a list of such apps , check out some of these Tinder-Esque Apps that are truly inspired by Tinder on the app store:

1) Mallzee –  Is A Tinder-Esque Shopping App That Lets Your Friends Play Fashion Police

2) Stylect  – A shoe shopping app for iOS

3) Hinge – App to find true love and not just hookups

4) Kwoller – A mobile commerce store

5) LinkedUp! – A Tinder using Linkedin for finding professional matches!

If you have read this far I am sure you understand that you can surely build out some amazing products using a Tinder like platform ! So if you got an IDEA and want to get this idea to life or are inspired by one of the startups listed above  , please feel free to reach out to us at Appscrip ! Our mission is to create Appreneurs and we hope to kick-start your journey as one! Soon !


This is the first post I am writing on what you could do with the products which we have on our portal Appscrip and why we feel that we create Appreneurs ( Mobile App Entrepreneurs )! Most people may feel that the whole Mobile App Clones business is quite morose and unethical , but what most dont see is that some truly amazing apps can be built using these Mobile App Clones as base scripts. With a little bit of Custom Mobile App Development you could have a truly amazing app product!

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