Top 10 Tech Startups Thriving In London

Tech startups

Even though Brexit is looming like a Damocles sword over UK, the tech startups are going through the motions that nothing is in the unusual. In fact statistics show a 50% rise in the number of start-ups being founded as compared to the previous years. This is the reason UK dominates the European venture funding at $1.8 billion. This is not only to do with Europe, but the US also is a keen participant in investing in the flourishing UK tech industries.

To get tech startups going you need a good idea, not necessarily a brilliant one. And you will have investors queuing up to dip their fingers in the pie too. Find below a list of the top 10 tech firms or tech startups or Unicorns – some were not even known in the realm a few years ago. These are now creating waves in the UK tech domain.

Top 10 Tech Startups


Tech startups

At this stage of life, we just cannot imagine life without food delivery happening at our doorstep within the hour of an order being placed. Deliveroo has gained cult status within 5 years of beginning its operations and gained the Unicorn badge of honour too. The company has operations in 12 countries and is based out of London. In the past 5 years they have tied hands with over 10K restaurants in the UK alone and have 30,000 riders in their delivery team.

In fact they have diversified in Hong Kong with a customer-centric restaurant a couple of months back. Deliveroo has a customer base of 7 million, as of this year’s first quarter and has a total funding of $1 billion. The company is growing tremendously and is valued at $2.5 billion as per first quarter estimates this year.   


Tech startups

Revolut is the firm that eliminates the need to carry travel money through its innovative ‘live’ exchange rate debit cards. The users of Revolut card are in fact motivated to spend transferred funds in more than 145 countries with absolutely no surcharge levied on them.

The London headquartered fintech startup is listed as one of the top firms in LinkedIn’s list of top tech startups in UK. After their launch in 2015 Revolut garnered 2.5 million loyal clients. The upscale fintech firm has raised $350 million in funding within three years and is valued at $1.55 billion to breach Unicorn status. They have niche features such as insurance, current accounts and the latest crypto-currency options available in their portfolio.  

      Social Chain

Tech Startups

This firm is linked to the volatile world of social media and is a top social media influencer marketing firm in Europe. Within four years of its launch this Manchester headquartered firm has sprung up offices in Berlin, London, and New York too.

With a total funding of $2 million this Social Media connoisseur has embarked on expanding its presence with seven new creative studios last year in Manchester with plans to expand even further.

Their clout can be visualized by their clientele worldwide. They have tied up with firms such as BBC, Universal, Amazon, Apple Music and a plethora of other giants across the globe to undertake their social media undertakings.    

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Tech Startups

Darktrace has developed its own armoury in artificial intelligence and forayed into the realm of cyber-security. Launched in the year 2013 in Cambridge this team led by 2 female founders works to detect and prevent cyber-attacks.

This tech startups now has branched out to 40 locations worldwide and is valued at $1.25 billion after 6 rounds of funding of $230 million due to which it gained Unicorn status.

The Darktrace Antigena developed by them is an autonomous response technology built similar to the human immune system that reacts to cyber-attacks in real-time.


Tech Startups

AimBrain founded in 2014 with the intention to help businesses verify consumer identity functions under Biometric-as-a-service start-up.

Utilizing Artificial Intelligence technology this firm with a unique platform assists in detecting and preventing financial fraud. This is done by combining voice, facial and behavioural patterns and focuses to aid technology and fintech based companies.

AimBrain raised $5.6 million from four rounds of funding and has launched 100 new additional applications. This is in addition to the on-demand free-for-life platform.


Tech Startups

This Artificial Intelligence based start-up develops medicines for chronic diseases.  Enhancing AI in its technology whereby gaining UK the honour of the AI development center of Europe.

Founded in 2013 this firm has its research facility based in Cambridge with additional offices in Belgium and New York. The firm lays claim to be unique with technology that enables drug development from early stages of discovery.  

This pharmaceutical firm valued at $2 billion after a total funding of $207 million makes it one of the largest firms in this niche.

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Tech startups

Founded in 2011 and headquartered in London, Blockchain was badged as a top firm to work in by LinkedIn. Blockchain has its presence in 140 countries triggered by the eruption of the cryptocurrency market. The firm has the backing of leading investors from the Silicon Valley, London and Wall Street.  

$200 billion worth transactions were hosted on Blockchain considered as one of the most popular bitcoin platforms that gives an easy and safe access to crypto-currencies with a count of 32 million wallets.


Tech startups

Elvie believes women adapt to intelligent design and innovative tech intuitively.

This award winning London based Femtech startup firm launched in 2013 has raised $10.5 million in funding by putting its faith in women’s tech gadgets. Initially they launched an App based Kegel trainer and later on designed the very successful wireless hands-free silent breast pump controlled via an App. More products are on the anvil.  


Tech Startups

The motto of Bulb is – Simpler, Cheaper, Greener. This London based tech startups is beginning to turn the energy industry around by offering absolutely renewable electricity and gas at substantially low cost compared to the traditionally sourced.

They made the top position in #Startups 100 in 2018 and in one year they doubled the number of subscribers to 300 thousand houses in UK. The firm is worth half a billion dollars after the last round of funding and should hit Unicorn status in a couple of years.


Tech Startups

This London based healthtech startup has raised $32 million and developed AI algorithm to detect and predict threatening medical conditions based on your history and vital signs.

With diverse Apps and devices they track patients’ conditions and connect them to necessary care.

Now they have partnered with Tencent for faster diagnosis using AI for quicker diagnosis, prediction and prevention of Parkinson’s syndrome. They acquired Sherbit a San Francisco based competitor. KPMG recently pronounced it a $1 billion digital healthtech firm conferring the Unicorn status.

Tech startups

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