Ratings & Reviews on RoadYo: Uber Clone / Lyft Clone / Careem Clone by Appscrip

Review and rating of uber clone

With RoadYo – Uber Clone / Lyft Clone / Careem Clone by Appscrip, ratings are a two-way street, and a 5-star rating system helps to create a positive experience and influence for both drivers and customers. But, the drivers have to work more to get a high star rating from the customer.

The customers can also put in their comments when the ride ends along with the star rating to give the application owner more insight into the areas they need to work in when it comes to their driver fleet.


Two important reasons why Ratings and Reviews are important for your taxi booking business.

-Encouraging Better Rider & Driver Behavior

Drivers do their best to make a ride comfortable and safe for their riders, and the driver expect the riders do the same. Riders also need to realize that the driver is also rating them and things like eating in the car, slamming the door, being rude to the diver can impact whether it’s a 5-star experience for drivers.

The drivers have to make sure the car is clean, shouldn’t smell bad, they have a good conversation with the riders, pick them up and drop them at the right time and the right place.

For a driver, every rating counts, and the business owners can incentivize the drivers who earn high star ratings every month to encourage their efforts at ensuring a comfortable and safe ride experience.

-Fleet Management & Quality Service assurance

The ratings system works as an important KPI for the business owners and operators in managing their fleet and the key areas they need to train their drivers in.

Many operators and business owners set a standard of a particular star value for the drivers when they want to decide on which drivers to incentivize and which drivers to drop out from their fleet at the end of every payment cycle or a timely review cycle.

Roadyo- For On demand taxi booking/ On demand transportation –  Our Uber Clone / MyTaxi Clone / Careem Clone / Lyft Clone / Ola Clone / Didi Chuxing Clone / Side Car Clone / Flywheel Clone / Taxi Magic Clone / Easy Taxi Clone /Hailio Taxi Clone has the ratings system as a part of our base application because we feel it is an important KPI for the operators and the business owners to look at for their driver fleet and assures the customers that there are certain standards to which the taxi app they are using strives to.

If you think you can be the next Uber/Careem/Lyft/Ola/Didi Chuxing/Side Car/Flywheel/Taxi Magic/EasyTaxi/Hailio Taxi reach out to us at http://test.test.appscrip.com/contact-us/ or write to [email protected] .

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